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Enjoy our recipe for capesante scottate alla Caprese

Capesante scottate alla Caprese

Enjoy our recipe for capesante scottate alla Caprese. A playful homage to the popular salad, perfectly-seared U8 diver scallops are accompanied by roasted cherry tomatoes, freshly-torn basil, Amalfi lemon, olives, caperberries, and a hint of Calabrian chilies for a dish as bright as a summer afternoon on the island of Capri.

Enjoy ouir recipe for porchetta affumicata

Porchetta affumicata

Enjoy our recipe for porchetta affumicata. Reinventing the Italian culinary tradition, skin-on pork belly is stuffed with homemade fennel sausage, wrapped around tenderloin, and trussed, then slow-smoked over hardwoods until the fat is rendered and skin crispy and a deep golden-brown. The result is a moist, savory, and smoky celebration of pork.

Enjoy our recipe for coniglio alla cacciatora.

Coniglio alla cacciatora

Enjoy our recipe for coniglio alla cacciatora. Literally “rabbit in the style of the hunter’s wife,” succulent rabbit is browned then braised in a bath of herbaceous vermouth with soffritto, earthy mushrooms, spicy chilies, olives, and capers. A classic secondi piatti and the perfect meal after a long day on the hunt.

Enjoy our recipe for Costolette d'agnello alla Marocchina.

Costolette d’agnello alla Marocchina

Enjoy our recipe for Costolette d’agnello alla Marocchina. Exotic flavors reminiscent of a Marrakech street market perfectly complement our grilled pistachio-crusted lamb chops. Accompanied by an arugula, farro, and pomegranate salad, a rosemary-infused cannellini bean hummus, and a fig balsamic reduction, this Italian-Moroccan fusion truly is “ras el hanout.”

Enjoy our recipe for ossobuco alla Milanese

Ossobuco alla Milanese

Enjoy our recipe for ossobuco alla Milanese. Our veal shanks are braised in stock and wine with soffritto, tomato, herbs, and root vegetables, and served with earthy mushroom risotto for depth and vibrant gremolata to complement the succulent bone marrow. Italian for “bone hole”, ossobuco is a classic secondi piatti.

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